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DVZ Shoutbox Timeformat Change - kbilly - 2020-08-22

Hello everyone!

If you guys are interested to change the standard time date format on your shoutbox to the modern "minutes ago" format, then please check the following steps.

Step1: Go to your Acp- settings- Dvz Shoutbox- Date format.

Change the
M-d, h:i



Save the settings.

Then go to the plugin file, search for


The complete line will be :

$date     = htmlspecialchars_uni(my_date($mybb->settings['dvz_sb_dateformat'], $data['date']));

Replace the above line with:

$date     = my_date($mybb->settings['dvz_sb_dateformat'], $data['date']);

Save the plugin file.

Hard refresh your browser and your time format will be changed to "minutes ago" format.


Thanks to my friend @noyle for helping me out.

Enjoy guys.