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Guestbook - Bill - 2006-02-08

I would like to have a guestbook fully integrated into MyBB. It should use the most of the MyBB features, but not all:

- If you are on the index page, u see it as forum, but after going there ist is directly as a "thread" (but shows the number of entrys at the index)

- The left part of the post (where the avatar and post etc. is), isn't needed

- Everybody can post there and choose whichever name he wants and fill in whicherver E-Mail adress (directly there).

- After posted, only admins can edit the post

- Would be nice if the date of entry is editable by admin

- HTML code is not allowed, only BB

Hope I get anybody interested to do that Smile, and more people like to have it and give more sugestions. The features look a little bit like just giving the guests the right to post in a forum, so I hope it will not to hard to do.

RE: Guestbook - xiao - 2006-02-11

A guestbook for a forum is totaly useless imo...

RE:  Guestbook - Bill - 2006-02-11

xiao Wrote:A guestbook for a forum is totaly useless imo...

Why? If I want to have a farum and a guestbook for my homepage I need to install 2 scripts, so it would be nice just to have one-in-all Smile.