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MySupport for 1.8 - Omar G. - 2020-09-20

I'm working on a update for the MySupport plugin.

This will be a major update on two ways:
  1. Most code will be recoded.
  2. Structure of the plugin will be updated in such a way that features will be moved around to different places.

For instance.
  • Forum permissions are added on a per forum basis.
  • Group and moderator permissions are added on a per group basis.
  • Moderator integration is also added.
  • Tools will be moved to the forum front end as possible.
  • The idea is to update features so you can use this tool as a project management tool.
  • Moderation tools support will also be added.

I would like to ask you to help us test the new code in your local machines, but should not be installed in a live forum.

Updates will be possible from the last official release of the plugin.

Currently only the admin side is supposed to work.

Edit: I just pushed an update and at least the best answer feature should be working in the forum end.

RE: MySupport for 1.8 - Omar G. - 2021-09-14

I pushed some updates to my repository, in case anyone is willing to test.

RE: MySupport for 1.8 - PRÂDÏP - 2021-09-14

i have a live demo forum , let me test with that