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RE: Need watermark plugin - Carter11 - 2020-09-23

Hello There,
Hope you are doing well!!

I'd Glad to assist you with your requirement.
For further discussion Please reach to me at email : [email protected]

Thanks and Regards
Carter W

RE: Need watermark plugin - KevinVR - 2020-09-24

(2020-09-22, 07:13 PM)Skagerrak Wrote:
(2020-09-22, 07:06 PM)KevinVR Wrote:
(2020-09-22, 06:47 PM)Skagerrak Wrote:
(2020-09-22, 06:17 PM)KevinVR Wrote:
(2020-09-22, 04:10 PM)Skagerrak Wrote: Thanks!

But I want upload a image stamp (a graphic) to have a watermark and not only a written watermark by a font.

Hello Skagerrak !

Adding image stamp/watermarks with positioning is on our next to do list!

Since you have shown interest in this feature, I will work on it next week and let you know when it is available for an affordable ModMyBB membership. Smile

Kind regards

Hello Kevin,

many thanks for your kindness. But do to contability reasons in this non-profit project I cannot contract any membership.
I can only pay one time for one forum -> buy the plugin. If this cannot be possible, I'm sorry but many thanks, I'll look forward.

Kind regards

Its a one time payment for a membership. You'll be able to use the plugins even after the membership expired.

The memberships do *not* auto-renew.

The only limitation is that you will not get access to download the files and updates after your membership expired.

Please let me know if you still have any doubts Smile

I have to ask this the admin,is to complicate for me. Can you give me a normal buy price for the existing font watermark plugin?
I would like to test if this is enough to our purposes. Please, I give you one normal payment and I would like to have zip back. Thanks.

What is the shortest membership period? One month?

Why this is so complicate? Is this a real help to MyBB user?

I ask please for:

1. one invoice PDF to my PM account
2. I pay via PayPal
3. you send me a zip archive or the link for the download

Is is practicable? Thanks and regards

Hello Skagerrak

I was suggesting you to get a membership because it grants you access to a lot more for a similar price. If you prefer to have really only this one item, we can do this too Smile

This is not an issue at all. Once the updates are done it will be available on ModMyBB, and I'll give a link to purchase only this item, with PayPal. I'll keep you posted.