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Prefix in ChangUonDyU Advanced Statistics - Mjniu - 2020-09-27

Hello, I have installed this plugin and it works fine, what I want is to put the prefix in the ChangUonDyU Advanced Statistics plugin, I edit the template changuondyu_latestpost_bit to put {$ forum ['tpprefix']} and the prefix is not seen, do I have to edit Another file? What would I have to do to make it appear on that site as well?

Thank you

Global templates --> changuondyu_latestpost_bit

<td width="100%" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="smalltext"><a href="showthread.php?tid=$latestpost[tid]&action=lastpost" title="$latestpost[fulltitle]">$latestpost[subject]</span></td>



<td width="100%" nowrap="nowrap"><span class="smalltext">{$forum['tpprefix']}<a href="showthread.php?tid=$latestpost[tid]&action=lastpost" title="$latestpost[fulltitle]">$latestpost[subject]</span></td>

[Image: f_7a6588d9736f.jpg]