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Reputation Bars plugin - xossip - 2020-10-07


i need Reputation Bars plugin for mybb 1.8x

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - Salvation - 2020-10-09

To create a reputation bar, you need to have a max number of points. AFAIK in MyBB, there is no limit for reputation.
For example: You have 16 of 128 points.

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - Omar G. - 2020-10-09

It could be possible to get the max amount of reputation an user has and use that as base. If that is the approach anyone takes.

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - GodLess101 - 2020-10-19

I'm interested in creating something similar, and the idea Omar gave is what I would go with, then range could be a percentage, i.e. userbar 1 reputation above 10%, userbar 2 reputation above 30% etc.

I love the idea of customization, being able to create a userbar for a certain reputation range, give it a certain color, usertitle (if user has no custom usertitle), and maybe even an icon. Possibly even create personal/group userbars based on usergroup.

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - Darth Apple - 2020-10-20

Edit: I had looked for previous plugins to do this. It turned out that there were a few, but they were for previous versions of MyBB and had licenses prohibiting redistrubiting ported versions.

I went ahead and wrote a very quick plugin to do this. This will probably be expanded over time, went ahead and posted it on github in case anyone has any other ideas or would like to contribute!

As of now, it's extremely simple and doesn't have any "reputation levels" that provide different bar colors for different ranks (as of yet, at least). It does, however, have a few settings for minimum and maximum bar levels, and you can configure the colors of the bars as well (make sure to check the "Simple Reputation Bars" settings in your ACP -> Configuration tab).

I've tested it on my own forum and it works as intended, let me know how this works! Smile

[Image: j7K3e.png]

[Image: NMJQH.png]

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - xossip - 2021-01-03

i need this type of plugin

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - Supryk - 2021-01-03

Look at this

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - GodLess101 - 2021-01-06

(2021-01-03, 09:31 AM)xossip Wrote: i need this type of plugin

Recently published this.

Feel free to suggest changes, I'm still working on it.

RE: Reputation Bars plugin - xossip - 2021-01-07

(2021-01-06, 12:16 AM)GodLess101 Wrote:
(2021-01-03, 09:31 AM)xossip Wrote: i need this type of plugin

Recently published this.

Feel free to suggest changes, I'm still working on it.
need reputation like vbulletin

i try ur plugin is not working properly i already modified template but i am not able to get
- Enable/Disable on Postbit
- Enable/Disable on Profile

request to develop reputation bar plugin for 1.8x - xossip - 2021-01-28


i tried their some new plugins but it doesn't work for me.

i am requesting to build it please
i need this type one please have a look