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BootBB - clarifying icons, trimming - Robert_VK - 2020-11-06

BootBB seems pretty great! I'm considering using it but there are a few things I'd like to improve.

The first thing is that when viewed on mobile, some of the icons ("quote" "reply" ... "report" for example) are a bit small and also I'm not sure my users will know what they mean. How do you guys deal with that?

The next thing is that there's a lot of stuff on the page that is not necessary for my users and will simply be distracting, so I want to remove that stuff.
How can I remove these things?

"about our community"
"quick links" (home box FB Twitter RSS)
Time Zone settings in registration
Reach us: Forum Team
"Theme select"

Thanks for any help you can offer.

RE: BootBB - clarifying icons, trimming - panayot - 2020-11-09

Most of the things in the list you can delete by editing the footer template.

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