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Theme MT Modern - ARESKY - 2020-11-07

Greetings again: My next problem is with the MT Modern template. It turns out that to translate it into full Spanish I did not have any problem, but the problem arises in the part of sending private messages to other users. Again I am using it locally, to do all the necessary tests, and the changes that I want to make as long as it respects all the rights that have been and have been. Then I upload the image when I want to send a private message to another user of my site. Which I get all distorted like that, someone can tell me what to do, some tutorial to fix that, something .. I like to learn, but there are things that my neurons do not consume, and well this is one of those.

I hope you can see the image but, well I will try to upload it smaller but I hope you can help me with that!


RE: Theme MT Modern - effone - 2020-11-07