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Need similar to Reputation Plugin - Kieria - 2020-11-18

Hello! I am not quite sure if it's possible for someone to develop such a plugin, but here is a brief explanation of what I am looking for.

I am running a special event, where users take part in contests. For each won contest, they receive a winning point. For the lost - defeat point. 

My question is it possible to make something similar to a reputation, but a plugin, where only a specific group (like Super Admins) can apply those won/defeat points to users, and they can be shown on their profile and postbit, also a separate page with statistics, but so that statistic page would show won points and defeat points and the average score (so for an example user1 has won 3 contests, bust lost 2 so the average is 1.5 points) and on top of that to have a more similar version of top 10 on the home page. 

At the moment I have only created a separate page and manually inputting statistics. 

I have attached some of my made screenshots of what I am looking for. 

2 versions for postbit, 1 for homepage and 1 in member profile.

If someone is capable of creating something like this, please let me know. I am happy to pay for the services.

RE: Need similar to Reputation Plugin - effone - 2020-11-18

Check PM.

RE: Need similar to Reputation Plugin - Mostafa.Shiraali - 2020-11-18

if you want i can create plugin with money