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customize .post_body a:link - DiegoPino - 2020-12-31

Hi Community MyBB.

I want to customize .post_body a:link to change the font color of links in postbit, hover, the code: text-decoration-style: dotted; it does not work  Huh

How can do the text-decoration-style: dotted to display in .post_body  Any help or suggestion its welcome

My code on global.css

.post_body a:link {
color: #d5a208;
text-decoration-style: dotted; 

My Display .post_body a:link   Huh
[Image: tex-decoration.png]

Thanks in advance for the support  At

RE: customize .post_body a:link - NoRules - 2020-12-31


try with:

.post_body a:link {
    color: #d5a208;
    text-decoration: none;
    border-bottom: 2px dotted;

RE: customize .post_body a:link - [ExiTuS] - 2020-12-31

I would not suggest to use border-bottom as any border will increase the total height of the element.

"text-decoration-style: dotted" is a valid CSS property.
You can also try a combination: "text-decoration: underline dotted #d5a208".

You've chosen to apply a style to "a:link". That means this style is only valid for a link not yet clicked.
Either extend the CSS with an additional pseudo-classes, like: "a:link, a:visited, a:active, a:hover"
or just remove any pseudo-class -> So use only:
.post_body a { ... }


RE: customize .post_body a:link - DiegoPino - 2020-12-31

Thanks so much for your feedbacks NoRules and [ExiTus]

I try with two codes and the [ExiTus] with text-decoration: underline dotted #d5a208 dont work for my with that combination.  Thanks you for feedbacks.

The code os NoRulesWork Perfect.

.post_body a:link {
    color: #d5a208;
    text-decoration: none;
    border-bottom: 2px dotted;

Thanks in advance for support and feedbacks

Now can change the font color of links in postbit  My

Muchas Gracias  Big Grin  Por el soporte y comentarios


RE: customize .post_body a:link - [ExiTuS] - 2021-01-01

Again, just drop the pseudo-class ":link" and replace
".post_body a:link { ... }"
".post_body a { ... }"

That's it.
There's no need to use a border!