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MyBB Messenger - snlbaral - 2021-01-19

MyBB Messenger [Build #1 (dev)] (v1.0)
-> let's forum user have live private chat with each other

1. Copy and paste all files and folder to your forum's root directory from Upload folder.
2. Install and Activate the plugin from Admin CP.

[Image: buddylist.png]

[Image: chatlist.png]

[Image: firstmsg.png]

[Image: message.png]

[Image: unseen.png]


Extend MyBB - MyBB Messenger

RE: MyBB Messenger - Omar G. - 2021-01-19

Thank you for your contribution Smile

RE: MyBB Messenger - WallBB - 2021-01-19

Thanks for such a good plugin Smile

RE: MyBB Messenger - blongso - 2021-01-21

I have an mybb sql error ... I have no idea why ...
[Image: xvN4Q.png]

Did I understand correctly that Messenger is for everyone? So I can't choose who can use this chat? Because in the ACP I can only activate or deactivate the plugin ..

Thx in advance for your answer!

RE: MyBB Messenger - Crazycat - 2021-01-21

Trouble is with the default value of active_chat in mybbmessenger_relation :
                    "CREATE TABLE " . TABLE_PREFIX . "mybbmessenger_relation(
                        `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
                        `uid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
                        `toid` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
                        `recent_date` datetime NOT NULL, 
                        `active_chat` varchar(100) default(0), 
                        `lms` datetime NOT NULL,  
                        PRIMARY KEY (`id`)
                    ) ENGINE=MyISAM{$collation};"

Erroreous line is active_chat varchar(100) default(0),, must be active_chat varchar(100) default 0,

RE: MyBB Messenger - snlbaral - 2021-01-21

I have rectified the issue and added allowed user groups options for this plugin in latest build.

RE: MyBB Messenger - Eldenroot - 2021-01-21

Add contact tab and maybe admin and mod options

RE: MyBB Messenger - snlbaral - 2021-01-21

Don't think admin and mod options are required on this. this is a private chat options for users without any moderations.

RE: MyBB Messenger - PARADOXP - 2021-01-21

(2021-01-21, 10:35 AM)snlbaral Wrote: Don't think admin and mod options are required on this. this is a private chat options for users without any moderations.
between the chat if an user abuses other then if he can report and admin or mod can handle the report by taking action ! it should be helpful there should a report optionĀ ,

the fetaure should be like this .... inĀ the chat if a person reports then admin can access the chatline....
anyway this is my opinion....

RE: MyBB Messenger - snlbaral - 2021-01-21

I'll be rather adding blocking or unfriend option in next release which should solve such issue rather than letting moderators handle the private chat thing.