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Thanks hack - spence - 2006-09-27

hi guys i'm new to mybb and i wanted to ask if there's a Thanks hack like on php or vbulletin.
the thanks hack adds reputation for a poster if someone hit a "thanks" button.
is there a thanks hack for mybb??

RE: Thanks hack - FirefoxWiz - 2006-09-28

To add to a users rep just click on the little number in the postbit and it takes you to their rep page, then you click Rate User button.

Zaher1988 made a thanks hack, except when you clicked the thanks button it added it to the bottom of that post. It isn't available for MyBB 1.2 though, I don't think.

Hmm, I might try to do something like this, for when you click the little thanks button it brings up the add to rep ... Smile

RE: Thanks hack - spence - 2006-09-29

that would be cool. it'a cool hack, so peeps don't have to reply if they don't want, but clicking the little button don't hurt the most and the poster gets his rep he deserves.
and yeah it would be cool to have that for version 1.2. i'm just about to start with mybb and know this hack from vbulletin, would be great to have that.

thanks in advance!!!

RE: Thanks hack - FirefoxWiz - 2006-10-02


It's not a plugin, just a template mod!

See for yourself here:

Big Grin

RE: Thanks hack - spence - 2006-10-03

cooool. thanks man, appreciate the work!!!!

RE: Thanks hack - FirefoxWiz - 2006-10-04

spence Wrote:cooool. thanks man, appreciate the work!!!!

Quite welcome, only I'm not a man! Toungue lol