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Can't Launch Installer.... - Gene Steinberg - 2021-05-23

Tis is a new installation:

So I have the files uploaded.

I changed permissions per directions.

I renamed the .htaccess file.

When I go to [domain]/forums/install, I get a blank page.

What am I missing?

RE: Can't Launch Installer.... - Matt - 2021-05-23

Can you check your server error log to see if there's any errors? If not you may need to ask your host.

RE: Can't Launch Installer.... - Gene Steinberg - 2021-05-23

Got it to install via a Softaculous setup on my server.

But I'm getting this error, "MyBB Internal: One or more warnings occurred. Please contact your administrator for assistance."

But, of course, I am the administrator and there is no definition for this warning.

OK, so it's not compatible with PHP 8.

Got it to work with 7.4.

Just have a merge issue I'll deal with in the appropriate forum.


RE: Can't Launch Installer.... - crictalk - 2021-05-27

im also getting the same error