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Light version of theme - Mastersly - 2021-06-03

Hello everyone,
Working on a new theme on my free time and I would like to share some pictures of it.
You are welcome to post your suggestions in this thread.

Regards, LobosĀ  Smile
[Image: Eq5Kib4.png]

[Image: AFkBN3Q.png]

[Image: M42Z2lV.png]

[Image: Uf1agFy.png]

[Image: FKxchsJ.png]

[Image: otPunnY.png]

Thread list screenshots

[Image: arSNwU4.png]

[Image: Fjude0R.png]

[Image: FcOLY2r.png]

Login page
[Image: x8vFJqo.png]

RE: Light version of theme - WallBB - 2021-06-03

Looks great Smile

RE: Light version of theme - Mastersly - 2021-06-05

(2021-06-03, 01:39 PM)WallBB Wrote: Looks great Smile

Thank you Smile

More screenshots

Member List page
Background header on each user will be changed with user`s profile cover

[Image: rGnj06L.png]

Registration and Login page

[Image: OdZw0my.png]

[Image: x8vFJqo.png]

RE: Light version of theme - mujeebdgk - 2021-06-06

Awesome work !