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Parser output validation failed - sarisisop - 2021-06-26

Good day MyBB I have updated a test forum from 1.8.21 to 1.8.27 before doing my main forum and when some threads are read I'm getting the following error.

Type: 512
File: inc/class_parser.php (Line no. 2016)
Parser output validation failed.

So far I have found the threads that are having the problem are where I have used a MyCode:

Regular Expression

<blockquote style="border: 2px solid #2e7d3f; padding: 10px; background-color: #f7f8e0"><b>Quote:</b> <hr color="#2e7d3f"> $1</blockquote>

Another thing is I have the Template Conditionals (1.8) plug-in installed and if I turn it off it makes all threads give a blank page.

All was fine before the upgrade to 1.8.27

Thank you.

RE: Parser output validation failed - Devilshakerz - 2021-06-26

Try changing
<hr color="#2e7d3f">
<hr color="#2e7d3f" />

RE: Parser output validation failed - sarisisop - 2021-06-26

Thank you very much Devilshakerz it just needed the forward slash. Smile