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Authorization Code Mismatch - Kelleytoons - 2021-09-13

So no matter who logs into my forum they get this message: But after ignoring it and going to the forums they are logged in and fine.

Crap, nevermind - just read the above answer (sometimes I'm an idiot, but it IS early in the morning here).

The script provided above fixed the issues. Thanks to the writer.

Okay, now it's not working again after I edited the forum configuration. Do I need to run that file again every time I make a change?

RE: Authorization Code Mismatch - Darth Apple - 2021-09-13

Which script did you use? If you used the Theme Patcher, it is a one-and-done change that should only need to be run once unless you install a new theme that needs to be patched. If you install a new theme and re-encounter the error, simply re-run the script and it should resolve the issue.

What setting did you change in the ACP?

RE: Authorization Code Mismatch - Kelleytoons - 2021-09-14

Yeah, I don't know what's happening. It stopped under most conditions (after I ran the fix script) and the only things I've changed were just in the Admin control panel but now everytime I login it gives that error (which I can ignore and go to the forums). I'll try and look at the thread where it gave instructions on how to manually fix.