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vBulletin > MyBB Theme - xXMoeXx - 2021-11-02

Hello Community, 

 I'm interested in getting back into the vBulletin > MyBB Theme importation requests again. It's a lot of work, but worth it in the long run. Currently, I am running as my main website and trying to get my thread count up and give the community great content. Doing these requests will help me. 

 I'm looking for users on MyBB to tell me what vBulletin themes they would like to see ported over to MyBB. I'm taken requests so the most requests I get on a single theme will be created and released for FREE. I find vBulletin has a lot of great graphic designers who make themes. Why not convert them to MyBB! 

 I've done one request Here

 In order for me to do these types of requests, there needs to be a demo of an actual working vBulletin theme. Here are some sites to get you started on the request section! 

Kindest regards,

RE: vBulletin > MyBB Theme - lkop - 2022-01-08

possible to convert this theme?

RE: vBulletin > MyBB Theme - PRÂDÏP - 2022-01-09

(2022-01-08, 08:50 PM)lkop Wrote: possible to convert this theme?

Yes , i can do that.