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Migration - bosslady - 2022-03-05

Not sure where  to post this,so apologies if its the wrong place.

I am currently with SMF..some members are having major issues,including an admin with being timed out..cookies..posting,,you name it..

So….IF I converted back to Mybb…as well as posts etc..would user passwords be converted as well? that is very poor users are getting sick of am I..

Thanks in advance.  Smile

RE: Migration - Matt - 2022-03-05

Using the merge system, content would be converted and passwords would still work.

RE: Migration - bosslady - 2022-03-15

Great..that is probably the MOST important thing. to be blunt.,SMF are awful..especially the ‘support’ the sooner I can get this sorted the better. Thank you. 🙂