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MegaIndex bots - Jackson5324 - 2022-03-14

Hello, how can install: Ahrefs, Applebot, Bing, Google, MegaIndex, Semrush, UptimeRobot, Yandex,?

I have installed only Google, Bing and Yandex.


RE: MegaIndex bots - nixer55 - 2022-03-14

Not sure what you mean by install.

You define bots in the ACP - Configuration.  A quick search gave me the user agent string of all the bots in your list.

RE: MegaIndex bots - Matt - 2022-03-14

To confirm, this doesn't do anything other than show them as those bots on the who's online list - there's no benefit to SEO by adding them or anything.