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Module (Awaiting Activation) blank page - DiegoPino - 2022-03-15

Hello community

I am in need of a guide, I am trying to enable more than 54.000 thousand users  Blush

[Image: Captura-Awaiting.jpg]

The problem I have, is when I enter the group "awaiting activation" Group (5) in ACP, it blank sample page. 
and soon after it shows me the following error.

[Image: error-max-conexiones.jpg]

For  days I have been studying the way to solve it and I do not know how to... any suggestion is welcome...

Note: The Board i am updating with a friend: pesretro

Thanks in advance

RE: Module (Awaiting Activation) blank page - Matt - 2022-03-15

Are they all legitimate users? May need to run some SQL queries to do it instead, I doubt the page was designed to load or process 54,000 users at once.

RE: Module (Awaiting Activation) blank page - DiegoPino - 2022-03-15

We don't know if they are real user or fake users.

I plan to do the following via phpMyAdmin

- Create a New Group
- Search via SQL the users with group (5) that has the users waiting for update

Something like this, I do not know if this code is right

Quote:UPDATE mybb_users SET groups = REPLACE( group, '[5]', '[New Group]' ) ;

- This way I will get those users in a Separate Group.

is the only thing I can think of for now.

How would be the SQL query to update a specific group with users (Awaiting Activation) for update with another one group?

Thank You Matt for Support and help Smile