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Introducing the New MyBB Mods Website - Alan Crisp - 2007-08-29

Today I'm very pleased to be able to announce the launch of the brand new MyBB Mods website.

MyBB Mods has been an official MyBB resource site for a couple of years now, yet the websites have remained separate. With the launch of the brand new website, MyBB Mods is now fully integrated into the main MyBB website. There are lots of exciting new features to tell you about, including some important new information for authors and contributors to the site.

Integrated User Accounts
In order to login to the new Mods section, you need only use your account from this community forum. User accounts from the old mods site have been merged here, although if you were registered on both sites and used a different username/email combination your accounts wont have been merged. Please contact Chris Boulton if this is the case. Similarly, existing submissions have been updated to match your new user IDs. Authors should check that they still have ownership of their submissions by visiting their personal control panel. Please contact me if you find any of your submissions associated with the wrong user accounts.

Integrated Discussion Forums
The MyBB Mods Community Forums have now closed, and all mod related discussion should take place in the new Code Modifications and Templates, Theme Sets and Graphics forums accordingly. We're in the process of merging threads from the old forum into the new mods forums here.

Improved Navigation
The new site has been designed to make navigation as easy as possible. When you click Mods & Plugins, Themes or Graphics on the left menu, you'll instantly be taken to a list of appropriate submissions for the current version of MyBB. Submissions for previous versions are now available in the new archive section.

International Resource Site
The new Mods website introduces a new feature which potentially allows all submissions to also be made available for people using MyBB in other languages. When you make a submission, your main download file should be English. However, you'll be automatically given the option of uploading additional language packs for your submission. What's more, you can choose to allow other users to submit additional language packs for your submission. Additional language packs are displayed to users when they view your submission. Note that authors who made submissions to the old site should update their submissions from the personal control panel to allow users to submit additional language packs.

Theme Thumbnails
When you enter the new themes section, you'll notice that all themes now have a thumbnail image next to the theme listing (if available). Authors, the thumbnail image shown on the theme listing pages is the first preview for your submission. You can order the previews by simply dragging and dropping, so make sure the image you want to use is dragged to the top left of the previews you attach, thereby making it the first preview.

Change Logs
Authors no longer need to include change logs with the information of their submission. Instead, the new change log feature allows you to keep your change log separate from the main download info. A new change log icon/link will appear on your submissions information page allowing users to quickly view your changelog. Authors who made submissions to the old site are asked to enter their personal control panel and move change logs accordingly by editing their existing submissions.

Review & Rate Submissions
It was suggested a number of times on the old site and now it's here in reality. Users can now rate and review submissions. Additionally, the new and improved statistics section will provide statistics showing the most popular and top rated submissions.

Inline Previews
No more linking to off-site previews when making a submission. Authors can now submit image previews of their submission which will be shown as thumbnails on the submission information page. Additionally, you can display previews "inline", similar to the way inline attachments work in MyBB. Authors are asked to update previews for their existing submissions from the personal control panel.

Mark as Installed/Uninstalled
When viewing a submission, users now have the option to mark the item as installed. Installed submissions are listed in your personal control panel allowing you to quickly keep up to date with the mods you use. If you've already marked a mod as installed, you can easily uninstall it to stop tracking it.

Theme Demonstration
I've been promising for months that the theme demo would return to MyBB Mods and here it is. Not only can you now view a live demo of many of the themes in the database, but the demo will also show you at the top of the page which theme you're viewing, who made it and where to download it.

Download Licenses
Previously, authors could enter a license for any submission they made to the database. The license system has improved significantly, but authors need to make some changes to existing submissions. When you make a submission to the database, you can now choose a license from a select menu. A number of default licenses such as GNU/GPL will be available as well as any custom licenses you have saved. Additionally, you'll have the option of writing a new license for each new submission, which will also be saved when you make the submission. You can manage your custom licenses from the personal control panel.

This change to the license system has lead to a number of changes behind the scenes. Because of this, authors are required to update their existing submissions and import their custom licenses. By clicking Convert Old Licenses in your personal control panel, you'll be taken to a list of submissions which still have licenses associated with the old system. From here, you can convert old licenses to the new system and update your existing submissions to use the new license. Until you do so, your existing submissions will not have an associated license, so it's advised you make the necessary changes at your earliest convenience.

There are still many other improvements on the new website and we hope you enjoy the now fully integrated MyBB resource site.

RE: Introducing the New MyBB Mods Website - Chris Boulton - 2007-08-29

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