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Duende V3 - danger89 - 2022-05-13

I'm glad to announce Duende version 3! Inspired by the official Duende theme (by iAndrew).

I made the original theme fully responsive by myself including tons of other improvements. And released it under GPL.



  • Fully responsive, reworked all the templates making it fully responsive on mobile/tablet
  • Added "Latest threads" on front page
  • Improved loading times, using defer/async where possible! Using the preconnect meta tag for further performance gains
  • Fixed login form for MyBB 1.8.x
  • Improved icons
  • Cleaned-up inline Javascript, put as much as possible into main.js (loaded async)
  • Converted to HTML5 syntax, with valid doctype and robot meta tag
  • 1000+ styling fixes all across multiple CSS files
  • Fixed jQuery Tipsy
  • Homepage W3C validated (no HTML template failures only some obsolete warnings)


Visit the theme page on

Melroy van den Berg

RE: Duende V3 - DrXotick - 2022-05-13

Demo site?

RE: Duende V3 - danger89 - 2022-05-13

RE: Duende V3 - Ricsca - 2022-05-16


However it is really ridiculous that a stranger makes a beautiful and responsive theme while the official forum is not responsive ...

RE: Duende V3 - greenops011 - 2022-05-17

does anyone know if the color is changeable?

RE: Duende V3 - PARADOXP - 2022-05-17

(2022-05-17, 02:13 PM)greenops011 Wrote: does anyone know if the color is changeable?

Try to change the color and background color of classes , ids in css...........