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Last active time, online time incorrect - tomkow2014 - 2022-08-19

EDIT: Turns out it's an issue with Google SEO URL functionality. Please help if you know why that happens.

Hi, my forum is running MyBB latest version. The problem is that time zones or time seems to be completely wrong regarding members. It looks like i did something wrong and the time just stopped.

The forum shows that I visited 2 hours ago even though I'm currently online:
[Image: PEFOYNV.png]
("Czas lokalny" is actually correct)
[Image: Y0WMndr.png]

This member is completely stuck on 00:37 for some reason:
[Image: Z5iEwNO.png]
(Again "Czas lokalny" is correct)
[Image: qxv1cBI.png]

Time spent online stopped as well:
[Image: RFLXNgO.png]

I'm using MyIPB theme and plugins:
  • Cookie Law
  • Google SEO
  • Plugin Library