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Black Rose Forum - ~Evil_Bish~ - 2007-10-20

Intro: My site is about having fun and getting to know people on the internet. I have a minimum set of rules and we're always glad to have new people join. I am hiring for Mods and UM mods.

Site Link:

Comments: I have just set up my site tonight and have already installed a lot of plugins. I'm still in the process of adding forums, so if you sign up, post an introduction, and suggest a forum, It'll be added right then.

Thanks for reading. Shy

RE: Black Rose Forum - destroyer - 2007-10-20

Nice theme.

However, you'll have to delete
Quote:Welcome back, %1$s. You last visited: %2$s
Private Messages (New %1$s, Unread %2$s, Total %3$s)
Current time: 10-20-2007, 07:50 PM
for guests.

Also, the 'OK' after the password field isn't clearly visible.

RE: Black Rose Forum - ~Evil_Bish~ - 2007-10-21

I set another theme as the default until I sort that one out.

RE: Black Rose Forum - Lopalong - 2007-10-21

It's because the language "variable" is not recognised in the template you have placed it into.

RE: Black Rose Forum - PHP_Paul - 2007-10-21

MySQL error at the moment...

RE: Black Rose Forum - destroyer - 2007-10-21

Contact your host in order to solve it. Smile

RE: Black Rose Forum - Snowy - 2007-11-04

Darn, I wanted to finally see somebody use my theme Sad

RE: Black Rose Forum - DanEthical - 2007-11-04

Snowy Wrote:Darn, I wanted to finally see somebody use my theme Sad

Awwwhhh! Big Grin
A friend of mine was using it for a while on his Thin Lizzy tribute site because "Black Rose" is the name of one of Thin Lizzy's albums. But then I made him a theme. Smile
Nice theme though, Black Rose.