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usercp.lang.php - krazygamers - 2007-10-26

when i click the forum announcements link in the ACP page, it says that inc/languages/english/admin/usercp.lang.php does not exist. I checked the regular package from the page and inc/languages/english/admin/usercp.lang.php isnt there either.

Can someone please help me?? I need to make announcements!

RE: usercp.lang.php - maatty - 2007-10-26

The usercp.lang.php should be in the inc/languages/english/ dir not the admin dir of that dir. I'll check your site and come back to you.

RE: usercp.lang.php - krazygamers - 2007-10-26

you are right but that is the error i got for some reason

RE: usercp.lang.php - maatty - 2007-10-26

krazygamers Wrote:you are right but that is the error i got for some reason

Does this error happen only when you press that link?

RE: usercp.lang.php - krazygamers - 2007-10-26

yes it does

RE: usercp.lang.php - maatty - 2007-10-26

krazygamers Wrote:yes it does

This is the only conclusion I can come up with. You are using a template set other than the default with the current theme you are using, and this theme also has its own modified version of the ACP. Now, try to set the template set of your current theme to the default one and see if it makes difference. You could also tell me the theme name so that I can try it on my test forum.

RE: usercp.lang.php - krazygamers - 2007-10-27

I tried switching the skins and it doesn't work...please help me


RE: usercp.lang.php - MrD. - 2007-10-27

What modifications and/or plugins have you made and/or installed?

RE: usercp.lang.php - krazygamers - 2007-10-28

screenshot of plugins

RE: usercp.lang.php - Dennis Tsang - 2007-10-29

I suggest you disable all the plugins, and then enable them one by one to see which one is creating the error.