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[Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - DragonLord - 2007-11-01

Just finish creating the upgrade version for my old "Gray Diamond" into "Gray Diamond_V2" new graphic and button set is added and update into Mybb 1.2.9 Big Grin


If there is any problem with this theme, you can post your problem or you can login to to reach me. ( Where my username is Saurav at

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - pepotiger - 2007-11-01

nice one man, thanks

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - DragonLord - 2007-11-01

Happy that you like it Big Grin

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - Bless - 2007-11-01

your getting better Smile

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - Audentio - 2007-11-01

Yes, much much better. The tcat edges are a bit rough, it looks like you used the wrong css from the image you showed me. Its not the image, just the css you used.

Lookin good though, lovely color scheme Smile.

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - DragonLord - 2007-11-02

Thanks for the comments guys

~Audentio: I used the coded you taught me.... maybe i did somewhere wrong? Hope I catch you at MSN Big Grin

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - Jag100 - 2007-11-02

Very nice theme

RE: [Release] Gray Diamond_V2 - Rafi - 2007-11-06

nice work