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Cron jobs for MyBB - Ben14 - 2007-11-06

Hey Guys,

I'm new to mybb from coming from ipb and first off just like to say that so far im loving mybb, and definitely a good open source option compared to ipb.

I am integrating mybb's member database with another part of my website. So essentially users are being added to the mybb users table from outside of mybb which is working fine, but the problem is i need to run the Recount Statistics from acp. So my question is, is there any features anywhere (plugin or anything) to be able to run the Recount Statistics script from cron? or will i have to create my own work around?

Hope that all makes sense and thanks Smile

RE: Cron jobs for MyBB - labrocca - 2007-11-06

Next version of Mybb will have "tasks". For now you would need to write something. It shouldn't be too difficult.

RE: Cron jobs for MyBB - Ben14 - 2007-11-06

Yeah that's what i thought.

cheers Smile