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Playstation Fan - hockeyhero - 2007-11-18

Well.... i have finally finished my forum.... opened yesterday...if you are a playsation fan then feel free and sign-up.....Big Grin


we've gotten 6 members in 1 day.....!!

so i hope you like it and i hope you join...Toungue

RE: Playstation Fan - Luigi - 2007-11-18

I had already joined Toungue

Edit: Just so everyone knows, I am a Super Mod for hockeyhero's gamingforumz site so that is why I already joined Toungue

RE: Playstation Fan - Jag100 - 2007-11-19

Very nice Smile

RE: Playstation Fan - Spyda - 2007-12-02

Great site, Im loving the main site design. I suggest getting a skin that better fits the site, that would help, Everything else is great.

(P.S I just registed hehe)

RE: Playstation Fan - FirefoxWiz - 2007-12-02

He's getting bluejade to create him a theme for the forum. Wink So far it looks great.

RE: Playstation Fan - The Chosen - 2007-12-09

This "Showcase" forums is for owners of forums running MyBB.

Your's is clearly running vBulletin and probably a pirated version at that.