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Webmasters (Computer Support Forum) - Webmasters - 2007-11-23

[Image: logo.gif]

Computer Support Forum

For all your computer needs.

RE: Webmasters - destroyer - 2007-11-23 doesn't exist.

RE: Webmasters - Techmonkey - 2007-11-23

Same here, page does not exist when accessing the version, but does work.

Looks quite nice and clean too, but the logo could do with a bit of cleaning up.

RE: Webmasters - Webmasters - 2007-11-23

We are having problems with at the moment so i have deleted it from the first post.

Thanks for the comment on the banner we will look into changing the banner.

Thanks for letting me know about the link.

RE: Webmasters (Computer Support Forum) - Webmasters - 2007-11-25


2 New themes added.


RE: Webmasters (Computer Support Forum) - Webmasters - 2007-12-01


1 new theme added Smile