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OrangeIce for RC4 - Michael S. - 2005-06-05

Hey Everybody,

I would like to introduce my first theme for MyBB.

What do you think of it? It's a fixed width theme in blue and orange colours. The work is in progress and it will take a while to finish it. Wink

Greets from Germany,

RE: OrangeIce - k776 - 2005-06-05

I think the edit, report, quote etc butons are far too big. They will break the resolution on 800x600.

RE: OrangeIce - wildteen88 - 2005-06-05

Kool! A theme is already in for development for Gold already! Hope this doesn't cause confusion about where to get Gold from!

RE: OrangeIce - Cory - 2005-06-05

Very nice, could you offer that theme to MyBBThemes?

RE: OrangeIce - Michael S. - 2005-06-05

I think I'll do so but at the moment I haven't finished it. It's also for MyBB Gold. Wink

BTW, the buttons are smaller now.


RE: OrangeIce - Kodaks - 2005-06-05

Nice, great job!

RE: OrangeIce - Cory - 2005-06-05

I should probably get a move on converting my themes into Gold Soon.

OrangeIce for MyBB RC4 released - Michael S. - 2005-06-05

You can download it here:

The package contains the theme-file, all necessary grafics and a readme.

I attached some screenshots for preview. Hope you like it! Big Grin

Greets from Germany,

RE: OrangeIce - Kodaks - 2005-06-05

Do you mind if I use the forum closed/new posts/no new posts buttons on a theme I am designing? Thanks!

RE: OrangeIce - Cory - 2005-06-05

Michael, you sent me the theme, but is it for RC4 or gold?