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Nursing Forums - kjaonline - 2007-12-11

I made a forum for Nurses, filipino nurses to be exact..
I haven't really skinned it yet though since I'm busy with school and I dont have the skill in gfx xD


RE: Nursing Forums - Footballman - 2007-12-11

You really should use a skin, Even one made by one of the forum members here. There are really nice themes by [email protected] and FirfoxWiz and more.
The idea for the community you're making is pretty originalSmile
Good Luck with it!

RE: Nursing Forums - kjaonline - 2007-12-11

thanks for the feedback footballman Smile
I'm planning to skin the forums on my own.. just changing the forum images and such and maybe the background. Smile
I like the original skin for being clean and easy on the eyes (IMHO)

nurse ako actually means I'm a nurse in Filipino..
once again thanks for the feedback Smile