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Programme TV Forum - witek - 2007-12-11

Polish TV Guide & Forum.

The theme is default and I like it very much. Templates customized to be suitable with website design. The only change is chapta (font and some parameters) - the standard one is too difficult to read for me.

I have tested *all* free BB software and I am sure MyBBB is the best. Only one problem/question: why AJAX js code is always loaded? Only admin (and possibly moderators) uses it. Any idea how to include this javascript conditionally?

RE: Programme TV Forum - FirefoxWiz - 2007-12-11

As always, you need a skin. The default makes your forum bland and not unique at all. The forum would look MUCH more customized if you changed the images on the theme. Wink

RE: Programme TV Forum - judel - 2007-12-11

I like how you've integrated the forum into your website. Good job! Though yes, you should make some adjustments to the default theme to make it more your own.