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AIOheadquarters - Samuel - 2007-12-14

Link is

this is the 3rd time i had to do my website but this time is the lucky charm

feature about my website

Section requesting (allows in a thread to post a section idea and most likely be accepted

Myplaza (a powerful and fun plugin)

Emulation items

online AFL fotty tipping (for australia people or others who know about it)

Do affilites (to say in friends with other forums)

My website is excellent but one low thing i need more members so plz consider joining this great forum

RE: AIOheadquarters - Keith W - 2007-12-14

In my opinion I don't think you should be allowed to link your forum here as you offer illegal hacking tools

RE: AIOheadquarters - Samuel - 2007-12-14

well i can delete the tools i will do it now

RE: AIOheadquarters - Footballman - 2007-12-14

I didn't really like the logo, but the theme is pretty nice!
good luck with the forum...