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main site - Pachel - 2007-12-15

my man site phcompany

with the forums an it with myplaza and my requested module.

RE: main site - lufbra - 2007-12-15

What are rom hacks?

RE: main site - Pachel - 2007-12-15

no iligal things its modifying an original game complete to an own made like.

RE: main site - Pure gamer - 2007-12-16

Actually, a ROM Hack is illegal, you are editing copyrighted information, usually (in the case of Pokemon) the graphics, scenario, music and I guess, everything inside a ROM is copyrighted by Nintendo. The distribution of ROM hacks is an illegal act when the ROM image is commercial, Pokemon is commercial, so unless your website/forums have strict rules that forbid the distribution of the ROM hacks as the complete ROM (not patches), your website could be shut down.

RE: main site - MrD. - 2007-12-16

From what I understand about ROM hacks, distributing just your modified files and NOT the original ROM, is legal. However distributing your modifications AND the ROM is illegal.

RE: main site - Pure gamer - 2007-12-16

Modified files are the patches I mentioned. It is hard for me to tell if the website has rules against that, as the forums require registration and I'm not going to.

RE: main site - Pachel - 2007-12-17

yes whe use patches you need lunar lips to path them.