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Help creating MyCode. - House - 2007-12-16

1) is there any way I can create a [me] tag? (not /me, I don't want any formatting, nor to start a new line )

2) I have made an anchor system in MyCode, here are the codes:
<a name="anc-$1">$2</a>

<a href="#anc-$1">$2</a>

I put the "anc-" portions in to make sure people didn't interfere with my HTML anchors Toungue

But is there any way I could make it recognize the person posting it, and therefore say "anc-{USER ID}-$1 ? That way people couldn't mess up each other's anchors either.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Help creating MyCode. - Yumi - 2007-12-17

It's not possible through the MyBB MyCode editor as you can't insert variables...

You'd need to make a plugin for this.

RE: Help creating MyCode. - House - 2007-12-17