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MMORPG Edge - Gaming To The Xtreme - Joel - 2005-06-12

After being away for awhile I am back and have just launched MMORPG Edge. A site focused on the Online Gaming community. As we get more members we will grow and offer new services to our own community.

In the near future (2 - 3 months) I hope to get the site moved to another server and get a new domain for it. Also, if any one has skills with Photo Shop or other software such as that please contact me about doing a logo for the site.


P.S. Fixed The Link

I'm Looking For Staff - Joel - 2005-06-12

I don't mean this to be spam if it is taken that way. But, I am looking for staff for my new forum MMORPG Edge. MMORPG Edge is a new forum community focusing on online gaming and providing news on the latest MMORPGs.

There are currently Admin and Mod positions avalible. If you are a Mod you do not need to have any knowledge of MMORPGs but just be able to close topics and deam topics worthless.

MMORPG Edge - Staff Needed

The above topic explains it all.

RE: I\'m Looking For Staff - k776 - 2005-06-13

I merged the threads, cause it should have been in your orignal thread!!

RE: MMORPG Edge - Gaming To The Xtreme - Joel - 2005-06-13

Oh sorry.

RE: MMORPG Edge - Gaming To The Xtreme - marcgo15 - 2005-06-14

It's not loading for me, i'm not sure if it's on your host side or mine.