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"BeigeElegance" for MyBB RC4 - Michael S. - 2005-06-13


I would like to introduce my new theme for MyBB: "BeigeElegance". Its a theme with bright colours in different beige shades.

You can get a preview by clicking on the screenshots at the bottom.

You can download it here.

Hope you like it. Big Grin


RE: \"BeigeElegance\" for MyBB RC4 - Bill - 2005-06-13

Very nice

RE: "BeigeElegance" for MyBB RC4 - Cory - 2005-06-13

Thanks for the theme, it's been posted up for download at

"BeigeElegance Modern" for MyBB RC4 - Michael S. - 2005-06-14

There's a new more modern style of the theme "BeigeElegance".

If you like it you can get it here.


RE: \"BeigeElegance\" for MyBB RC4 - Kodaks - 2005-06-14

Excellent job, Michael83!

RE: \"BeigeElegance\" for MyBB RC4 - sjkramer - 2005-06-15

Really nice theme and very easy to install...