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"LimeFresh" - Michael S. - 06-18-2005

Today I released my new theme for MyBB RC4: "LimeFresh". It's a fixed width theme with bright green colors. A screenshot is attached.

You can get it here:


RE: \"LimeFresh\" - EGS - 06-18-2005

Pretty kewl..

RE: \"LimeFresh\" - Cory - 06-18-2005

whoa, that killed my eyes....

But thanks for the download Big Grin I believe a lot of his themes will be made available also at!

RE: \"LimeFresh\" - Tsakalos - 06-18-2005

Its good that the last month about 10 new themes got released. The more resources the better.

RE: \"LimeFresh\" - Michael S. - 06-18-2005

Sorry for killing your eyes!? Toungue But thanks for your comments.

RE: \"LimeFresh\" - k776 - 06-21-2005

Looking good! Not my favourite shade of green though Big Grin

RE: \"LimeFresh\" - Dale Hay - 06-22-2005

Very bright. *puts googles on*

RE: "LimeFresh" - peepo - 07-10-2008

Does anyone know where this theme is still available? Smile

RE: "LimeFresh" - tnraksy - 07-12-2008


RE: "LimeFresh" - Leandro17 - 07-13-2008

looks nice!!