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xGen Electrocic - .Paradox - 2008-02-02

I'm not actually looking for members to join right now lol since we're still making forums and such, I just want to see what you think of my skin, Xgens - Dark. I made it myself (first skin I've ever made, so don't laugh if it's bad Toungue) and want to see what you think. I still need to make the buttons, so those are being made.

xGen Electrocic

RE: xGen Electrocic - Mersky - 2008-02-02

Looks decent the only bad thing is the dark on dark color scheme.
Black text on a dark background is too un-readable imo.

Ok it's better now that the text is white.

RE: xGen Electrocic - .Paradox - 2008-02-02

lol, thanks, but I completely suck at making forum icons, I can never think of something. Would you be able to make me some? I just can't really make them 4 some reason. If you can't, I'll ask my friend lol.

RE: xGen Electrocic - Mersky - 2008-02-02

Right now I can't I'm busy with school and about 3 websites of my own. Sorry.
But if you look around I'm sure you can find some pretty good icon sets.

RE: xGen Electrocic - .Paradox - 2008-02-03

I found some Smile except it didn't come with a forum closed icon >.>

but that was so easy to make, I just got the forum_old and put an 'X' on the middle, and duplicated the layer a few times Toungue

RE: xGen Electrocic - Alpha - 2008-03-01

Hey Paradox, what plugin is that shoutbox you have? I've been looking for one like it......