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Sherwood Community Site - Alpha - 2008-03-02

Hello, I made a site just a few days ago and really have done no advertising yet.

I will also get a domain name later on too......

Sherwood is an online community game where you hang out and talk with people (kind of like a medieval community) <click to play.

My site is focused around it, and also some other things as a bonus...I do have probably too many forums, but theres too much I want to put!

Well, do you have any suggestions?

Click here to visit my site

RE: Sherwood Community Site - burnz3r0 - 2008-03-02

Nice, but you should change the background to black, to match your banner...

RE: Sherwood Community Site - mrblackbird - 2008-03-02

What is the download required? i use FIrefox

RE: Sherwood Community Site - Spyda - 2008-03-02

Links not loading