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+----- Thread: (/thread-29351.html) - ghoscik - 2008-03-05

[Image: screenshot.png]

For all anime fans (but mostly for users from poland) anyway here is the "link"

btw im glad that we are using myBB its really powerfulSmile

RE: - burnz3r0 - 2008-03-05

Love the logo and theme Big Grin... It looks awesome.

RE: - ghoscik - 2008-03-06

oh thank you^^

RE: - burnz3r0 - 2008-03-07

Tell me, how long did it take you to coordinate your theme with three different pieces of software?

RE: - mrblackbird - 2008-03-07

Nice theme mate,

RE: - ghoscik - 2008-03-07

ahero4heor not too long, first of all i made a skin for the main site powered by WordPress so i had some html code so i could use it to make myBB and PafileDB templates which wasnt too difficult. Making a template for myBB was the easiest part cause its really template friendly;p

thx mrblackbird