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AIOheadquarters (new) - Samuel - 2008-03-06

this site is all bout anything you may want to talk bout and there is no rule wat u post in offtopic except no links but besides that its all ok

and for australians there is a online footy tipping

gxcom was a partner of my site but since it went down my site is where the fun is now

so please consider join

RE: AIOheadquarters (new) - burnz3r0 - 2008-03-07

Not a half-bad banner, I like the text but it's kinda hard to read (first 3 characters). You need a new theme, too.

Looks cool, but Pokemon isn't my thing. Wink

RE: AIOheadquarters (new) - Inferno - 2008-03-07

I would suggest making a banner about not pokemon

RE: AIOheadquarters (new) - Samuel - 2008-03-07

i didn't make the banner i am no good at banner making a friend did it

RE: AIOheadquarters (new) - destroyer - 2008-03-07

I think the banner is quite good.