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n0000000b - webaph - 2005-07-07

ok im new at this. so, how can i start messing with the colors of my board? also, how can i change the logo?

RE: n0000000b - k776 - 2005-07-07

For the colors, edit the theme at Admin CP > Themes > Modify/Delete > *theme set edit*

As for the logo, replace images/logo.gif, and images/Light/logo.gif

RE: n0000000b - webaph - 2005-07-08

ok for the logo and other images, when i change it, it appears like a X at where the image is supposed to be. i mean, i put the url of my logo. is there like a way to upload them to my acp, and then use it?

RE: n0000000b - Cory - 2005-07-08

dont put the http:// link to your logo. Just use it relevant to your image directory.

If you go to: ACP -> Themes -> Modify/Delete -> *Theme Name* -> Edit

And look at "Image Directory". By default it will be set at images/. Now lets say you uploaded a new logo at "images/test/logo.gif", then that is what you need to put for the logo url (without the quotes), not

RE: n0000000b - Tsakalos - 2005-07-08

U need to upload the logo via ftp to the image folder and give the corrent path to the image in the theme editor

RE: n0000000b - webaph - 2005-07-08

wait wait wait. wat exactly, step by step, i have to do to upload the logo to finally use it as my forum logo?

RE: n0000000b - Tsakalos - 2005-07-08

1) upload the logo into your images folder
2) set the logo path from the theme editor

RE: n0000000b - webaph - 2005-07-08

great. but 1 more qstion. where is the images folder thing?

RE: n0000000b - webaph - 2005-07-08

forget it! i found it and now i have my logo! yay