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What session/cookie vars are used - liam1412 - 2008-03-20

Okay I am fairly noob to php and after a couple of botched attempts at my own forums (for practice) I have decided to learn the art of integration.

Okay all is good so far and I have the forum running etc. Now I need help with picking up session vars/cookies to use the data elsewhere.

Im a little crap at explaining so let me try again :lol:

The forum is only a tiny part of my site. I only want one users table so have hacked the login script of the forum to be used across my entire site. So now lets say I have a user that is logged in who I want for example to be able to comment on a blog, or rate a product etc etc.

When they are logged into the forum what session vars do I need to pick up to add details to another table.

Hope I explained okay

Thanks for your help

RE: What session/cookie vars are used - Yumi - 2008-03-20

Take a look in inc/class_session.php Toungue

Mainly sid and mybbuser from memory.