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Forum Buttons - mark866 - 2008-03-26

I have tried but its kinda frustating, but can anyone here make me some forum buttons and by buttons I mean New Thread those kinda buttons.

I have tried using the GDK button set in PSD but because its time consuming for me Big Grin

So is anyone willing to help?

I have created the theme but want the buttons heres the link for you to see the color scheme

Thanks in Advance

RE: Forum Buttons - .Paradox - 2008-03-26

You could give us the PSD thing lol. I'm pretty patient, I could do that Toungue

Not so good at making them myself though LOL.

RE: Forum Buttons - mark866 - 2008-03-26

Well they're not in PSD's. but heres a link to the normal PSDs

cheers mate