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OnesourceFX - Jason.Kenyon - 2008-04-02

OnesourceFX is a new community that I have opened and its only been opened for about 1 month, and have already gotten almost 100 registered users. We stream to provide users with tutorials, resources, etc. This is included and not limited to, css, php, html, xhtml, css, javascript, myspace, mybb etc.

Just check us out tell me what you think of the theme and if it gets good reviews I will release it for free download.

RE: OnesourceFX - destroyer - 2008-04-02

Nice forum. Too much forums for a start though.

RE: OnesourceFX - Imad Jomaa - 2008-04-02

The theme is a little hard on the eyes when trying to read the text. Else, good work.

RE: OnesourceFX - Ziyphr - 2008-04-02

Agree with above comments:

- background gradient is too hard on eyes
- way too many board, it would be a mission to spot new posts

RE: OnesourceFX - Jason.Kenyon - 2008-04-03

Thanx for the crits and information I will work on it and theirs alot of forums until I can develop our main site which will include a tutorial system, and resource section for download etc. Which should limit a lot of the forums.

RE: OnesourceFX - Imad Jomaa - 2008-04-03

If you change this image: [Image: BlueFX-v1-trow1.gif] to a color black. It will fix the problem.

RE: OnesourceFX - burnz3r0 - 2008-04-03

Yeah... That would work.. but then what's the point of having the image at all then?? Toungue
Nice site. Beautiful theme. Big Grin