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Skunkd - Web 2.0 for MyBB - Simsmad - 2008-05-11

I was going to be making a Web 2.0 template for MyBB called Skunkd, but I have scrapped that to bring this. Skunkd Productions!

Skunkd Productions is currently a free MyBB templates club for Web 2.0 styling. We are just new and therefore have no templates to offer as of yet, but I have already a template in production.

[Image: foo.gif]

FOO! is the first ever Web 2.0 template to be released early June. It will be a stylish template of greys and whites, but will also come in many different colours.

Join now to recieve free templates, development news and also access to the chat room, where you can discuss with developers what you want to see.

Also get involved in other discussions in our off topic section!

So please register now at

Ryan Smile

RE: Skunkd - Web 2.0 for MyBB - Imad Jomaa - 2008-05-11

I don't like the style much since it is very irrelevant to what you offer. What the heck does a man with a gun have to do with web design?

RE: Skunkd - Web 2.0 for MyBB - alleen - 2008-05-12

that's true. if you delete him, it will look much better

RE: Skunkd - Web 2.0 for MyBB - Langy - 2008-05-12

good work

RE: Skunkd - Web 2.0 for MyBB - Simsmad - 2008-05-12

Oh don't worry about the design much. It'll be getting changed shortly. Smile