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{$forum['name']} & {$forum['description']} ain't working in "forumdisplay_subforums" - Austrys - 2008-05-15

Hello, I'm quite new with MyBB, started to use it only yesterday, though. And here's my problem:

I wanted to add a category name and description in "forumdisplay_subforums", but those variables "{$forum['name']}" and {$forum['description']} ain't working in this template. Is there any other variables that could get the category name, like it's in navigation. I try'd use the lang variable "sub_forums_in" but this only helps with name, how do I get the description of a category, when I browse only forums in that category?

Thank; you, yes you!

RE: {$forum['name']} & {$forum['description']} ain't working in "forumdisplay_subforums" - Austrys - 2008-05-15

I found that variable by myself...

Anyone else, who need it: {$foruminfo['name']} & {$foruminfo['description']}

RE: {$forum['name']} & {$forum['description']} ain't working in "forumdisplay_subforums" - burnz3r0 - 2008-05-16

Wow. I'm sorry, haven't checked here in a bit. Yes. Those are correct. Haha. But you knew that. Toungue