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Cracker Tracker Error - foxmulder - 2008-05-23

Hi guys. I've installed Cracker Tracker 1.8 correctly. I've done whatever writes in the readme document. But in the admin panel it says;

Warning: readfile() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/______/public_html/admin/ctracker_logs.php on line 48

and on line 48 it writes:
readfile(MYBB_ROOT. "elog/counter.txt");

my counter.txt's chmod is 777.

Can you help me? How can I fix this problem?

RE: Cracker Tracker Error - foxmulder - 2008-05-24

no help? Sad

RE: Cracker Tracker Error - Chris W. B. - 2008-05-24


Your host has the readfile function disabled in there server configuration, you'll need to contact your host to see if they will enable the "readfile()" function for you.


RE: Cracker Tracker Error - foxmulder - 2008-05-24

Thanks for your help. I'll try it Wink