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[Release] Inside Posts - mybbromania - 2008-05-25

After I see some requests, I decide to update this plugin to be compatible with MyBB version 1.6*
Was also... my first plugin...

* Plugin Info
- Plugin Name: Inside Posts
- Plugin Version: 0.3
- Mybb Compatibility: 1.6x
- Author: mybbromania
- Copyright: © 2008-2011 mybbromania
- Website:
- Description: Display custom content inside posts
- Price: Always FREE

* Install:
- Upload the inc/plugins/insideposts.php to your forum root;
- Activate the plugin (Inside Posts) in the plugin manager;
- Insert your custom content in Admin CP> Configuration > Settings > Inside Posts).

* Uninstall:
- Deactivate the Inside Posts plugin in plugin manager.

* Version History:
> March 17, 2011 - release version 0.3
- was rewritten to be compatible with MyBB version 1.6*
> May 27, 2008 - release version 0.2
- added option to display custom content Inside Posts only for members;
- optimize database tables when plugin is (de)activated.
> May 26, 2008 - release (original) version 0.1
- enable or disable Inside Posts from settings;
- select how do you want to display your custom content Inside Posts: inside first or inside all posts;
- select position for custom content Inside Posts: before or after post content;
- select alignment for your custom content Inside Posts: left, center or right;
- select who do you want to see your custom content Inside Posts: only guests, or all (guests and members).


Download plugin:
.zip (Size: 252.9 KB / Downloads: 148)

Thank you,

RE: [Release] AdSense Inside Posts - aglioeolio - 2008-05-25

Thanks man Big Grin

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - roy - 2008-05-26

thanks mybbromania Smile

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - User 2877 - 2008-05-26

Very good plugin. I really like how you coded this.

Congrats on becoming an author.

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - mybbromania - 2008-05-26

labrocca Wrote:Very good plugin. I really like how you coded this.

Congrats on becoming an author.

Thank you for your appreciations.
//Edited: I just try to learn how can I make some plugins for MyBB.
And the code of your plugins may be a good start to learn.

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - blueparukia - 2008-05-26

This is a very nice plugin, that I know has been requested before. Good work!

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - KiLLMasTer - 2008-05-26

Nice plugin man....

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - mybbromania - 2008-05-27

May 27, 2008 - Updated to version 0.2

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - aglioeolio - 2008-05-30

thanks for the update mybbromania

RE: [Release] Inside Posts - hostivo - 2008-06-01

I just uploaded and enabled the plugin but when I enter text into the ad box nothing shows up within the first post on the forums.

Could I be doing something wrong?